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Machine Installation:
We will put the machine instruction book in the distribution box. The customer only needs to follow the instruction book to do some simple assembly, because all of our machines have undergone rigorous operation tests before leaving the factory. (Some large machines can be installed by us on site after negotiation with the customer).
Machine Maintenance:
when the machine is shipped, we will place some wearing parts inside the package to help customers maintain and handle the replacement problem of the quick-wear parts of the machine. For detailed replacement methods, please refer to the manual. For daily machine maintenance, please refer to our maintenance manual.
After-sales Service of the Machine:
The after-sales service of our machines is handled by local dealers. If there are no dealers in the country or region, we will set up a separate person in the after-sales department to do real-time tracking and provide customers with after-sales service related to the machine.
After-sales Services in Countries and Regions without Dealers:
We will temporarily deploy experienced after-sales service personnel to conduct follow-up services until there are dealers in the region to whom the customers can be handed over.
Once the machine has a problem, we will find the problem and give solutions. If the machine is under warranty, we will provide free help until the problem is resolved. If the machine has a quality problem and cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a new machine for the customer free of charge!
Machine Warranty:
We will provide a two-year quality warranty service (one year warranty on electrical components). In these two years, we will solve the problem for our customers free of charge and eliminate any worries for customers. For machines out of the two-year warranty, we will always provide follow-up service, and provide wearing parts free of charge, but we shall not charge shipping charges, local customs clearance fees and related fees.
The machine's standard packaging is plywood wooden box (optional nude cargo).