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GE-08PC Full Automatic Edge Banding Machine

GE-08PC Full Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Product description
GE-08PC edge banding machine The latest designed appearance, heavy fuselage greatly increases machine life and stability.

Main technical parameter

Electric lift  Yes
Thickness of panel 10-60mm
Width of panel ≥60mm
Length of panel ≥ 150mm
Feeding speed 15-23m/min (adjustable)
Working pressure 0.6 MPa
Motor power 19kw
Edge thickness 0.4-3mm
Machine dimension 6460 x 910 x 1540mm


The whole machine adopts Taiwan DELTA touch screen PLC and inverter to improve the efficiency and durability .and Easy to use operating system, you can set them own advanced parameters response speed and durability far them Similar Products.
Double blade heavy duty premilling function (standard 35mm diamond premilling blade)Pneumatic feed, double independent adjustment of milling thickness, with independent gear,
Standard 2X2.2KW up to 12000 RPM high frequency high speed motor (Adriatic cylinder,
Taiwan TBI guideway and slider, integral electrophoretic treatment of functional components)
EC-Human-computer interaction system in the DELTA products have a high stability.
Standard DELTA 380V inverter, more suitable for use in areas with large voltage changes more for torque,loss,overload,speed operation and other operational needs of the design.
Teflon high capacity glue pot is more convenient for cleaning.Gumming converor, belt with cutting and pneumatic components all have brand AIRTAC.
With copying by file, fine milling on the plate in a straight guide under the control of the pneumatic feeding way, the perfect Solutions to plate edge and smooth blasting.
The new plate preheating function heats up faster and the temperature is more uniform.
can be head and tail after the blade at both ends of the four right angles through the tracking mode into the effect of fillet.
perfect look and touch work  piece guaranteed ,multiple cornering standard in 4 series machines.
pneumatic polishing function.automatic sealing machine adopts pressure lifting adjustment.
use high power reducer.pneumatic four poishing function, enhance the overall effect of the plate.
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